Kiln Openings

Each year, we co-host two kiln openings with Glenn and Lula of Bolick Pottery. The events take place at Bolick Pottery at 4884 Bolick Road in Lenoir, NC. The "groundhog" style kiln is the traditional form of firing pottery before electric or gas kilns were designed. We fire the kiln prior to the opening, then at 10am on the day of the event, you can watch as we crawl inside the kiln and bring out the wares.  Once all wares are unloaded and placed on tables, you can make your selection.  Michael will have face jugs including his much-desired Santas, Wizards, and Clay Spirits. Lula and Glenn will do traditional face jugs, swirl mugs, vases, and pitchers. Janet will have candlesticks, Rebekah Pitchers, and teapots. We invite guest potters to be a part of our event, as well as other crafters. Live bluegrass and gospel music with the Dollar Brothers and Glenn Bolick and Friends will be ringing through the valley, and Hot Diggity Dog Concessions will provide food. No alcohol allowed. The Sales Cabin will also be stocked with electric fired pottery and seasonal items like large flower pots,  jack-o'-lanterns, and snowmen.