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Brie baker with a great recipe. Handmade by Janet Calhoun of Traditions Pottery. Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Great for small or large rounds (or pie shaped) discs of Brie.   Great Recipe that calls for puff pastry, or Pillsbury croscents.  T Clay and Wood stretchy bracelet.  Designed by Beljoy and handmade in Haiti. Part of Haitian Christian Mission and Haiti Made, an entity of Hands and Feet Project.  Hand made and hand strung by Haitian women. Traditions Pottery hand sculpted Santa Claus. Face Jug.   Wheel thrown jug, hand built face.  Wood fired.  Approximatley 10-12" tall. Available in burgandy and purple /teal, Pre order and receive in March or September, by Michael Calhoun Traditions Pottery hand sculpted Face jug.   Wheel thrown jug, hand built face.  Wood fired.  Approximatley 10-12" tall. Burgandy color, and combo purple, teal color. Pre order for March, and  October wood kiln firings,
Handmade pottery microwave bacon cooker. Traditions Pottery, Blowing Rock NC Easy to use in microwave, or oven.  Easy clean up. Crisp bacon in minutes. Traditions Pottery handmade Spoon rest. Great to use by the stove for easy cleanup.  For  spatulas . 5" diameter, Dishwasher safe Handmade Bolick Pottery soup cup with handle. App. 5" across top ad 3" tall.  Oven, Dishwasher, and Microwave safe. Great for soup, chilli, salads, ice cream, cereal. Traditions pottery Handmade Deviled Egg Dish. holds 8 eggs

Up coming events:
*Catawba Valley Pottery Festival
March 25

*Savor Blowing Rock
April 20-23

*MerleFest, Wilkesboro, NC
April 27-30

*Heritage Day & Wood Kiln Opening
at Bolick & Traditions
June 24

*NC State Fair, Raleigh, NC
October 12-22

* Thanksgiving Kiln Opening
at Bolick & Traditions
November 25

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